It just crept in….

June has been a month of growth, dreams, and execution of ideas! Filing licenses with the state, developing logos and better web presence, and drawing up plans has been at work daily.   It is a lot of work, but I am thankful for the many helpful talks we have had with people over the past month. We are planning on starting a fundraising push to help us put one of these dreams into reality and make life changing connections at the same time!

Curious? Here’s a hint: it is very mobile!

How can I give? Glad you ask! All will be revealed soon.

I love to read. At the moment I am reading a short story within a larger story. It is a story of a king who, even in his past, has always dealt with a sense of inadequacy. Being an insecure leader lead him to make some unwise moves that forced his title to be passed to another. Though this person was pointed as the future king, his place of power did not start right away. Instead, he had to endure the ups and downs of being in service with this insecure king. This ‘new’ king had all things going for him: a winning streak of battles, extremely talented as a musician, he was handsome and overall liked within this community. The current king slowly crept closer and closer in his pursuit to put an end to this rising star. Going as far as trying to persuade his friends, family and eventually himself to do the deed of ending this this upcoming star’s life. Here is the crazy part- everyone did not understand why the king wanted this person dead!

In life, things just creep in. Slowly! And over time, those once small issues, insecurities and even quirks can lead someone to make a horrible decision that leave people in wonder. The picture below is an example of this. What you see is Brazil coffee beans that we roasted very very dark! Though on purpose, we did not expect the sudden change within the beans from dark to very dark in such a short period of time. What we couldn’t see was the internal heat exchange that became increasingly noticing on the outside. When we pulled it and did the test to see if we went too far, we were pleasantly surprised that it passed this test and turned out to be very good!

Like the insecure king and this extremely dark roast, the change didn’t just happen suddenly. It was one small change, one small push, one small situation that crept in and changed the overall outcome. These beans could have just as easily went too dark and failed the test. The king could have noticed the positive additions that this current person was bringing to his kingdom and an different story would have been told!

Coffee|Connections desires not just to serve great coffee, but wants to add value within a person life. Every person has something insecure about them and we know that just the right situation may push them over the edge. Being in a community that is safe, open, involved and supported with the insecurities of each other can build support for strength and confidence! Lets change creeping into a positive action- one small, slow step towards confidence and healthy growth.


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