Serve without strings


Serve. Its meaning is simple. Its action is endless. Its motion is towards another. Yet true service today is lost. It is usually ‘what I can get out of it’ or ‘you are in debt to me now’. The art of true service is lost with a payback of some sort. I did something for you and now you do something for me- equal or greater. Doing less is not valued or even critiqued.

In the month of December, my family was given so many gifts. I mean- alot. Blessed would be a word to be used. We got more than we deserved or even asked for- all out of the kindness of people. Yet the most meaningful was a group of people in Buffalo NY. Not only did they invite us up and put us up in a hotel BUT they also threw a party for us and each pulled money to get us gifts! What is even crazy, we only knew the leaders of the effort—everyone else we did not know. They served us in a way that left me (father, husband and individual) feeling humbled and thankful. We did nothing to deserve such act and in no way were they expecting anything in return! In fact, we were not allowed to do anything in return. Just enjoy!

This is not the norm to say the least. But it reminded me of Coffee Connections purpose: to build relationships with an eternal purpose one cup at a time. I have set out to make sure that one of our founding acts is to serve our community with what we have. It may not be much, but it is something. My hope is we leave the same feeling (honored or grateful or valued) to people in this community!

What are we going to do? Simple – bless businesses in this community with coffee…free! My aim is to give away coffee to local businesses to say “thank you” and let them know we are here to serve them in what we have. I do not expect much in return, if any. However, my hope is for relationships to start developing where we can pull resources and power to even better our community that can extend to our world.

If you would like to recommend a business or organization, let us know!

Serve- with no strings attached.



Its coming! That time of year in which you are trying to get THE right gift for those you love. What I have always found about this crazy time of year is the lie that there is that RIGHT gift for a person. No matter how much you spend (time or money), there will always be a BETTER RIGHT gift for someone. Having being a child at one point in my life and now having children, I have learned something interesting…giving gifts is a duel action: what I like and what I think they would like. As a kid, I remember making gifts for my parents. Granted they were crap (like glitter, water and oil) but at that time I was so excited to give it because I made it and knew it was going to be liked. My daughters do this often- color or bring things home thinking we would love them. And of course we do, not only because the gift is amazing, but because they are starting to think outside of themselves. This is to be celebrated!

I am not going to push you getting the best GIFT! In fact, I want to challenge you to think about what is going to be meaningful for those you want to give gifts too. Is it really the gift? Is it the time (strides and effort) you took to get that gift? Is it the fact that you know them and want to give them something they will enjoy? Each question is based on an assumption- relationship.

This time of year is a perfect time to sit and enjoy company and build a stronger relationship with them through stories and discussion. Coffee can be a wonderful way to enhance this conversation! Brewing a fresh cup and then inviting them to come and share is a powerful experience. I assume (because I have experienced this) it won’t be the gifts they remember a year from now…but the relationship building that you did. Taking time and adding value into each other! It creates a great memory, one that will not corrode or exchanged or be thrown away in 6 months.

We want to help you achieve this! Call, text or order online to get some freshly roasted coffee so you can really give a lasting gift to those you love…eternal value.

Have a great holiday with your friends and family! Merry Christmas



Holiday Coffee Order



Christmas Coffee Special

We are so excited to offer this to the Columbus Ohio area! Coffee has had a history to slow down a person, enjoy a cup with a great conversation. Its about building that relationship, one cup at a time. In a fast paced society, you know the importance of slowing down…even if its just for a few minutes. You start to relax, your over worked mind is eased, and you can feel deep seeded issues become less overwhelming.

Having this conversation with a family member or even a good friend is a no brainer! We want to join you in this experience with these offerings. Just getting a taste of this ‘slow down’ time is so intoxicating and you want it to be coveted. We are so glad to help you accomplish this.

Each one is intended to not just build this experience, but also to increase your credibility…which well, makes you look good. And who doesn’t want that.

This offer DOES have a limit with both NUMBER and DATE…so act fast!

Holiday Coffee Ordering Form

Patience and Creativity


As most of you know, the above bike from Wheelys is an complete marvel and fits our mission very well. Unfortunately, it has been taken a while to get to us because of various circumstances. It has been delayed numerous of times all the while as we plan to connect and set up this business. We have moved forward rather intently with the expectation for this bike and yet it keeps getting pushed back.

So what do you do when what you have planned doesn’t work? What do you do when your whole company idea is wrapped around an idea? Well- you get creative and innovative!

Thankfully the bike is only a simpler way for us to serve coffee and create relationships that can have an eternal impact on a person’s life. With the use of some electricity and water and various supplies, it can be done! Even though the delay of this bike has been disappointing, it has allowed us to be thankful for the skills and supplies we have acquired so that we can be ready to do events, large to small without the bike.

Don’t get me wrong, this BIKE IS A HUGE PART of this business and relationship building. I am not trying to undermine its purpose and our goal at all. Instead, in the presence of ‘lack’ a new approach or the original model is doable still. Instead of being impatient and limited by what ‘we want to do’, we are thankful for this set back as it helps us to be thankful for what we have learned and improve on that.

How about you? What set backs have come into your life that could be opportunities for you to be stronger and thankful for what you do have? Start thinking with gratitude, and patience is not too long off.


Chemex and Roast

At anytime within your life, movement takes place from an outside force. Either you are on board or yelling to get off! Movement also happens way before it is seen. An idea, a force, a concept, an example all can push one to be part of movement. Typically most movements happen regardless of a person’s motive – before long they look back and see their result and influence and then track how that all started. Movements within history all started with a cause, a reason for why they supported, stood up or fought.

To roast coffee, you need some sort of movement. The Coffee Mess has a fluid bed roaster which means hot air is circulated within an container where the beans are kept. This constent movement allows a even roast since all the beans are touched by the circulated heat.

The Chemex is an example of simple movement. It is a large vessel that allows coffee to be extracted into a wonderful cup. As the water is being poured on the grounds, the water engages and creates movement (in this case, it is gravity that pulls the coffee down). One can makes sure this movement is being touched by every ground by agitating (or stir) gently the water and grounds together.

Movement is key to any successful lifestyle or dream endeavor. Without movement, death takes place. Things become stale, pointless, taking up space and at times out of date. Somethings just need a jumpstart for it to move again, other things just need to be laid to rest.

Coffee Connections aims to not just create movement where we are at, but also jumpstart or join movements. Together we can impact a group of people who need movement within their lives!

This Month ONLY!!!

Just wanted to update you on two very important moves we are about to make:
1- Hilliard Fest (Sept. 12 from 10am-8pm). Tim and I will be serving, selling and talking about coffee during this awesome event. Feel free to come and enjoy some coffee!!
2- Wheely’s Bike – I first want to thank those who have personally made a donation to partner with us and make this dream a reality! Thank You. Second, This month only!! Thanks to my friend and co-worker in all things coffee (Tim Hofmann), 100% of all coffee sales that I make will go straight into the final purchase of our Wheelys Coffee Bike! Click on this link to place your order and help us meet our goal!

Why coffee? 

I know- coffee! Some people can’t get enough and others can’t get away from it. This magical bean has become such a large part of our society ever since its discovery. 

So why has this bean have a grip like addiction (ok- it CAN be an addictive substance) to so many people? Besides the obvious factor of a surge of energy that unleashes within a person, one word can sum it up: cool! 

But coffee’s hot some times- I know genius! Just like Apple, there is a cool factor, fitting in factor, consumer pride that kicks in when one drinks coffee. Questions are asked like: what you drinking? Oh, such and such company or the ultimate level of coffee snob- my own roast. And all the snobs say AMEN! But seriously, consumerism is all about the cool factor- if it is useful or tastes good the better. The opposite applies as well, it can be cool but suck and people would still buy it. Or it can taste good but the cool factor isn’t there fully and people keep going back.

Typically coolness factors change over time. Clothing is an example of a roller coaster experience. Coffee at times fall within this factor as well. Yet, in some circles it is a necessity to life not coolness. In some tribes, is a communial experience. Regardless of it usage, coffee is generally consumed in a social context. It is this context (a shared experience) that draws people in. And because it draws people in and draws people in, it is seen as cool and the need arises to be part of that context. 

So why not coffee? Honestly anything can be used but it’s already mass usage can draw momentum quickly.  This momentum can be used to do good in people’s lives, for the community and leak out into the world…cool! 

Coffee|Connection. Creating relationships that have an eternal impact