Slow growth creates lasting relationships – nl2

Slow growth

How meaningful relationships start…

May has been a great month of roasting, serving coffee and creating starter relationships at the Hilliard/Ray Patch YMCA. I am thankful that so many of you came by and gave feedback on your coffee experience. We’re creating a social media presence and we’d love to post your positive experiences of the coffee tasting on our sites!

 All valuable experiences in life that are made of quality have common characteristics. They’ve taken time to grow and experienced a great run, because a little heat was applied and it took off to heights unimagined. Coffee; like relationships, go through a process to develop and mature, and this process takes time. Coffee cherries are harvested and taken through a dry, wash or semi-wash process before sent to roasters. Then roasters fire the beans up releasing the CO2 gas and creating a smell that is unlike any other. Once a desired roast is achieved (light, medium or dark), the beans are then sealed away from light and air to properly preserve them. This is known as ‘de-gas’ing. This waiting period (within a week) gives the freshest taste possible! Similarly, good and reproducible relationships must go through a process. They need to form from a natural and organic start. Once together, the community created connects in a unique way. From shared experiences and time, this community can form additional communities and before you know it, a movement is born. I am learning this- do not devalue small beginnings: It is the start of something exciting!!

A note from the Roaster

Hey Everybody, it’s Tim Hofmann. I’m the one responsible for the coffee.

It’s been a long and bizarre journey from my childhood in Southern New Jersey to roasting coffee in Hilliard with Nate.

This is my fifteenth year making people’s lives better using coffee.    My goal is twofold: (1) to provide the very best, freshest coffee available anywhere and (2) to teach the coffee obsessed the      very best ways to enjoy that coffee.

If you have questions about coffee, its care or preparation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email:


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